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About the Bermuda Community Foundation
The Bermuda Community Foundation’s (BCF) is a limited liability and segregated accounts company, registered as Bermuda charity #948.  Its mission is to create an enduring source of funds forever dedicated to the good of Bermuda.  BCF aims to improve and strengthen Bermuda’s social sector by assisting donors of all kinds to make the most of their generosity.  As a public grantmaking foundation, its resources go towards creating a permanent asset base for the public benefit by fundraising, stewarding and investing charitable gifts from the community, grantmaking, and responsibly managing its operations.  BCF was founded in 2013 by The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Buchanan Charitable Fund and RenaissanceRe with support from private donors and nonprofits that established their own endowed agency funds to be managed at the foundation. Bloomberg Philanthropies, Hemera Foundation, XL Foundation, and Meritus Trust Company also made key contributions. BCF benefits from the professional support of Conyers Dill & Pearman and from PwC who conduct its annual audit probono. For more information, please visit or contact