The Flora Fund at the Bermuda Foundation

The Flora Fund is a sport-funding programme established in 2018 by Flora Duffy to support other young Bermudian athletes. The Flora Fund provides grants to aspiring and talented athletes to achieve excellence in a sport of their choice.

The Fund is administered with the support of the Bermuda Foundation – Bermuda’s community foundation.

The Flora Fund makes two types of grants:

  1. Bursaries for individual athletes
  2. Grants for sporting organizations

Awarded Amounts: Varies

Number of Awards Granted per year: Varies

Age Restrictions: None

Nationality Requirement: Bermudian

Must have been educated in Bermuda for some time: Yes

Documents Required:

  1. Proof of Bermudian or PRC Status
  2. The Flora Fund Application Form

Applications can be submitted via the Bermuda Foundation’s application portal.

Other Requirements:

The Flora Fund considers the social and economic barriers facing an athlete’s family when determining eligibility for funding.

  1. Athletes 18 and under are given priority but athletes of all ages are eligible to apply for a grant.
  2. Grants can be used for the payment of sport participation / registration fees, equipment, travel, training fees, event registration, coaching, camps, lessons, travel to events, etc.
  3. Only one application per calendar year, for one eligible sport, may be submitted.
  4. Sport activities must demonstrate a sustained sport experience (a season of a sport led by a qualified coach), and the sport activity must be affiliated with the member sport organizations in Bermuda or where the athlete trains.
  5. A parent or guardian must initiate an application on behalf of an athlete under the age of 18.
  6. The parent or guardian fills out sections 1 to 3 and passes the application to a Financial Verification Endorser.
  7. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the application is complete and submitted via the Bermuda Foundation’s application portal.
  8. The Financial Verification Endorser completes Section 4.
  9. The Endorser is the most important step in the TFF application process. The individual verifies that without TFF assistance, the child might not be able to particulate in the season of sport. The Endorser acts as an objective third party who is familiar with the athlete’s family and is in a professional position to assess the social and economic barriers facing the family.
  10. An Endorser can be a professional in social work or family services, a school principal or counsellor, a senior recreation administrator, accountant, law enforcement officer, a registered physician, or a priest or pastor.
  11. Endorsers cannot be family members.
  12. For elite athletes (athletes selected to participate at a national or higher competitive level), an endorser can be a national coach, head of the school athletics programme, or president of the relevant national sports governing body.

Grant Distribution:

Once the completed application is received and if approved by the advisors to The Flora Fund, a grant confirmation letter will be sent to the sport organization or individual.

Please keep a photocopy of the application for your records.

Please allow a minimum of 30 days for review of your application – processing time will vary depending on the availability of funds.

Application Approval:

Notification of the status of the application will be sent to the adult sponsor as soon as possible. If the application is approved, a copy of the letter of the notification may also be sent to the sport organization specified on the application. The parent, guardian or sport organization must notify the Bermuda Foundation if the athlete withdraws from the sport activity. The grant must be used by the athlete for whom the grant was approved; no portion of the grant can be transferred to someone else.

  1. Application for individuals.
  2. Application for organisations.

Privacy / Confidentiality:

The Bermuda Foundation and The Flora Fund respect your privacy. We never sell, trade or loan your information to any other organization. Information provided in this application is being collected for the purposes of administering The Flora Fund. This information will only be disclosed to the Bermuda Foundation personnel who need the information to carry out the responsibilities of their job, and to the other organizations who may need to be contacted in order to process the application. Statistics are reported at the group or fund level. Individuals are not personally identified. By completing an application form you agree to have all collected information stored in our online database system. For more information on the Bermuda Foundation’s privacy policy, please visit Bermuda Foundation’s Privacy Policy.